April 21, 2016

There is a saying that goes '3rd time is a charm'. I totally disagree! My 1st time dealing with Gary was the charm for me! I just got my 3rd Honda Civic with Gary by my side, every step of the way & I will never buy or lease another vehicle any other way, ever again. You walk into the chosen, by Gary, dealership & that's the hardest part of your vehicle buying experience. Gary becomes your umbrella & you are covered from the hassle of fast talking sales people who wear you down with their antics of frustrating you, good guy/bad guy wheeling & dealing, their numbers manipulation that make you think they are doing you a favor & keeping you at the dealership for so many hours, you think you live there. No one is allowed to talk to you & vice versa, without Gary's permission. You sign NOTHING without Gary's guidance & advice. The car buying experience has become so pleasurable, you wonder what magic he performed, as you drive off in your brand new or new to you vehicle, in 1/4 of the time other people are spending at the mercy of the dealership. In fact, you even wonder when you arrive home, if you were dreaming the whole experience. Yesterday was my 3rd car dealership experience with Gary & instead of dreading it, I looked forward to it & with confidence that I wouldn't have had otherwise. In fact, I drove home in a car that hadn't even been unwrapped yet, before I got there. I stated what I wanted & Gary saw it delivered, on my terms not the dealer's. The name 'Gary Green' is synonymous with the word friend. Thanks so much Gary, for your awesome amount of knowledge & experience & my new baby!

December 8th

Dear Gary,

Time and time again we have purchased cars and have experienced buyer’s remorse within 24 hours of the purchase. In utilizing your services the whole process of purchasing a car was without stress. It was the best deal we have ever received. We not only received top dollar on the trade-in but the best financing available. We will send all our family and friends your way





October 29th

Dana helped my wife and I recently purchase a brand new 2015 Honda CRV. He was referred to me by a friend who said that he could help with the process. “Help” was an understatement! Dana’s professional advice, knowledge of the process, and involvement throughout the whole thing was nothing short of a God send! He was literally with us throughout the entire process.

The best part was that we did not talk to a single sales person, finance manager, or anyone for that matter, at the dealership! We simply showed up, signed the papers with Dana, and got the keys to our new car! If that wasn’t enough, and believe me it would have been… Dana believed that he could get us a better interest rate than what the dealership was offering, so he shopped around for us and came back with a rate that was even lower!

Needless to say, we will never go through the car buying process again without Dana by our side!

Thank you Dana, you were truly wonderful!

Mike Szoradi


September 19th

Wow! In the best possible sense of the word. I never knew buying a car could be easy, until I had Gary's help. He helped me avoid some very bad decisions, saved me a lot of money, and I wound up with my dream car. I am very happy with the entire car buying experience this time around thanks to Your Car Insiders, and I'll never buy a vehicle without their help ever again.



September 15th

Gary was great! He helped get us a car we love at an excellent price. It was the best car buying experience we have ever had, and we couldn't be happier. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

August 18th

Dear Dana,

I wanted to express my gratitude with you for assisting in the

purchase of my 2016 Ford Explorer at Rodeo Ford on Friday 8/8/15. Honestly

it was the nicest experience I have ever had purchasing a vehicle. You did

everything except buy it for me. All I had to do is test drive what I was

interested in and show up to sign the paperwork. My family and I will never

try to purchase a vehicle without your assistance. Your wealth of

knowledge, your connections and your chill attitude made the experience so

pleasant. Thank you Dana Southern!!! Your the bee's knee's!


July 25th


This is the only way to buy a New car. Without Gary’s help I would have just fixed the old one. Thanks indeed for making $ense

 Mr W


July 18th

Hi Dana:

Sorry that you had to run-off this morning...Iris and I wanted to take

you to lunch...

Again Iris and I would like to thank you very much for all of your effort in finding the exact car she wanted....at a fabulous bottom line.

Let us know when you would be available for us to go to lunch or dinner so we can celebrate the right way.

Thanks again..stay well.

Have a Great Day

Arnold Doyschen


July 7, 2015

I had the great pleasure of working with Gary this past weekend and he was able to get me out of a car that I was drowning in and into a car I love and won't sink me in the end!

Thank you Gary!!


June 28, 2015

Gary made the normally stressful experience of buying a car incredibly easy and with fantastic results -- I was able to get my dream vehicle at the absolute best price possible due to his expert negotiating skills and insider knowledge of the car business. He provided great advice every step of the way and was my advocate in the process that can be confusing and stressful to the average consumer. I drove off the lot with the peace of mind that his skills and knowledge saved me thousands -- I could never buy another car without him! Thank you, Gary!


 May 29, 2015

"Your Car Insiders" assured our car buying experience was seamless with no-hassle or hidden costs. I highly recommend them. Oh, and I love my new Acura! Thank you Gary


May 27, 2015

My family has known Dana since the time he was sales manager for Honda and purchased two vehicles from him there. We watched him promote through the ranks to GM of Honda and could not have been more proud of him. Over the last several years we have seen him transition from GM to his current endeavor and could not say enough about him; he is also extremely connected with dozens of people at the various dealerships.

We know him as a friend, as well as used him for at least a half dozen transactions within our family, from buying to selling vehicles and even finding the best body shop to take care of an "ouch" we received from a shopping cart. He has always provided great service and excellent communication.

We have recommended him to numerous friends who have also been extremely satisfied in their purchases of new or used vehicles or for the sale of their own vehicle. I know when it comes time to sell my vehicle or to purchase a newer or different one, Dana Southern will be the person I use.


May 22, 2015

My car selling experience and my personal resource needs to be shared with our friend and neighbors 'the Pebble Creekers'. My friend Dana Southern helps people sell their cars for top dollar (in my case it was about $3000. over and above top Bluebook dollar. Please understand that my car was 2 1/2 years old with 4,802 miles and no fingerprints. Dana will prep and clean you automobile like a detailing shop never would (not even close and the gallery of high resolution photographs to show to the buyers, is only 'the tip of the iceberg. He handles all the details (underline all the details of your transaction - from start to finish. The incredible amount of care and concern, and the attention to details that Dana provides, will have you wanting to tell everyone that you know about him. Dana even makes sure that you get back the difference amount due on your license plate fee and now for 'the rest of the story'. My good friend Dana (whom I think the sun rises and sets on) will represent you (sitting right beside you during your next car purchase, holding your hand thru the entire number crunching process protecting and sheltering you from the dealership's sales manager, the general manager and the finance manager. The 'final price' and the deal that you will make will be both to your advantage and in your best interest. - but only with Dana Southern by your side, and in your corner you will have leverage like you have never had before . . . enjoy it the standard dealership process of 'manipulating of the numbers' along with 'the blue smoke and mirrors' that are all part of 'the dog and pony show', will be stopped dead in its tracks when you hire Dana as your support team. He also has a one hour radio program on AM 960 every Saturday morning at 6am - tune in this weekend and learn how to 'protect yourself in the clinches. Gregg Clymer Goodyear, AZ


March 21, 2015

Good Morning Dana,

I am grateful to Tim for recommending you and to Pam for initiating the communications with you and for gathering the necessary information about the auto warranty.

I’m very pleased they connected me with you and made me aware of the service you provide for your clients.

I really wasn’t looking forward to making the drive to Phoenix in pouring rain and then spending 2 hours in a waiting room, while my vehicle went through its inspection. Surprise. It all turned out so much better than I had expected; that was due to your getting the warranty in place and your follow through . Thank you for the informative conversation and the interesting information you shared about the auto world, Dana. It made the wait time fly by. All the service people at Rodeo Ford were so polite and courteous. Paula was so gracious from start to finish. By the time the inspection was completed, I had such a good feeling about the entire process at Rodeo Ford.

Thank you, Dana, for “looking after me”. I have already mentioned your name to two friends.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Carol Black


March 19, 2015

Thank you, Dana Southern. Over the past 10 months, we have purchased 3 cars with your help. Throughout the entire process from shopping around to finalizing the deal, your advice was excellent and really took the stress out of buying a car. We highly recommend your service and will call again when shopping for a car.

Mary and Terry Schmidt


March 13, 2015

Dear Dana,

I thought I’d give you some feedback that you can share with folks you may work with from the ‘client ‘side of things, i.e. the perspective of the experience from the one writing the checks. So, for those who are considering your services, here is my experience

I first heard of Dana and the service he offers while chatting with a gentleman pumping gas at Costco. He stated that he had saved, by his own estimate; about $4,000 compared to if he had gone it alone with a local dealer. I jotted Dana’s name down for future use as positive, spontaneous; ‘word of mouth’ advertising is pretty rare these days.

A month or so later, I decided I no longer needed the towing capabilities and size of my F150 (Phenomenal truck), and I stumbled on what I considered to be a perfect replacement vehicle for my current needs and wants. I recalled the conversation I had at the gas pumps, and sent Dana an introductory email detailing my goals and financials. And … I do mean ‘detailing,’ as when it comes to being anal-retentive about planning and analysis, I can keep up with the best of ‘em.

One of the first things that impressed me about Dana is what he DIDN’T do. He didn’t project any bias about what he would want in a vehicle, didn’t try to sell me on some vehicle that someone else needed to get rid of, but rather respected that I had done my homework and knew what I wanted. It was a single ‘cream-puff’ of a vehicle located at a dealer well on the outskirts of Phoenix.

Although I had done a TON of research in the usual places (dealer websites, KBB, TrueCar, etc.), he quickly advised me that many of my assumptions in the financials that I had put together were just not realistic. My assumption of what my vehicle was worth was indeed overly optimistic (imagine that), and what the dealer would negotiate down to on the desired vehicle was also not realistic. So, Dana brought me back to planet earth and allowed me to reconsider my financials with zero pressure. My math was right on … but my initial calculations were based on inaccurate data, and ‘garbage in’ resulted in the predictable ‘garbage out.’ It is at this point that if I had ‘gone it alone’ one of two scenarios would have occurred; either I would have seen the transaction as not financially prudent and would have scrapped it, or I would have succumbed to the usual car dealer games with the predictable morning after feeling of violation.

That part, however, was just numbers, and I probably could have read an article somewhere on that. But the next step is one of many where Dana’s service is indispensable. The dealer with the pristine preowned vehicle that I wanted had a less than spectacular trade offer for my F150. Ideally I wanted to trade to avoid the hassle of a private party sale, but primarily for the significant tax savings, as the two vehicles were quite close in value. Within hours Dana found an alternate dealer in Phoenix to place a ‘buy order’ on my F150 that was $2,500 more than the dealer I would be purchasing from offered. I think it is virtually inconceivable that someone not in the business and without the network that Dana has could have accomplished this. In fact, I had no idea this practice could be done! Even if I was aware it could be done, I certainly do not have the contacts to make it happen effectively. As a side note, the value of my trade was determined sight unseen (it was a late model low mileage vehicle), attesting the level that the dealer trusted in Dana’s judgment.

With regard to pricing on the Jeep I desired to purchase, the selling dealer reduced the price of the vehicle an additional $500. This may not seem like much, but this was in addition to a prior reduction that had the asking price aligned with auction values.

Another significant item was Dana’s guidance on extended warranties. My trade had an extended warranty that I assumed would have some value being transferred to the next owner. To the dealer receiving the trade, the warranty had no value at all. Dana stepped me though the process of securing a refund on the unused portion of the warranty, which will be in the vicinity of $2,000. This isn’t a hard process, but it is an important process that I may very well have missed buried in the fine print of the warranty.

I am a detail oriented person who researches major purchases more than most, and I believe that the $4,000 ‘better deal’ that the man at the gas pumps described certainly applies to me as well. What if a person is NOT detail oriented, and doesn’t do research? How horribly do they get fleeced at a typical dealer?

Perhaps the best part is that the deal was completely negotiated and set before I arrived at the dealership. No haggling, no getting beat up in the finance office, no games. And Dana accompanies (holds your hand … figuratively, of course) at the dealership much like an attorney guards his client. I can honestly say that when I drove away I was actually happy in my new vehicle instead of feeling disgusted and violated. Three days later as I write this, I feel the same way. Fair deal … good treatment … good people … win-win. When was the last time THAT happened while buying a car?

I don’t buy a car every day or multiple times per day; Dana does. And, he earned his 400 bucks in the first hour I talked to him with regard to an education in the business. No matter how detailed my analysis, without being privy to the almost unlimited nuances and unknowns, the car dealer holds 51 of 52 cards in deck when playing the game of an auto transaction. Dana levels the game, makes it fair (dare I say enjoyable) and I can’t imagine anyone saying they didn’t get their $400 worth. I’ll never buy a vehicle ‘the old way’ again!

Please don’t tell Dana this, but I almost felt guilty ONLY writing him a $400 check.


Randy Rehbach, Prescott, AZ



Hi Gary,

Thank you!



Thank you for an easy, painless transaction with leasing my Denali! Living in Scottsdale, I was hesitant about driving to the dealership in Mesa but Gary found me the BEST deal possible. It was worth the drive, saving me over $2,000. He also had me drive out to Avondale to turn in my Honda lease there, saving me another $2500.00 by having them purchase the vehicle from me instead of turning in the lease. Purchasing this car was painless and stress free. Gary did all the negotiating and I just signed the paperwork. I would never buy another vehicle without him and would recommend him to everyone!




Hi Gary,

I just wanted to thank you for all the amazing help you gave us yesterday with the buying of my son's F150 and my husband's Dodge 3500. You truly made our car buying experience easy, quick and we walked away for the first time feeling fantastic about our purchasing decisions with no buyer’s remorse and the feeling of getting taken. Because of you, we managed to buy two vehicles in a matter of 5 hours at two different locations and drove them both off the lots. My husband and son are ecstatic with their new trucks. With your knowledge and the thousands you saved us, I would recommend your services to anybody walking into a dealer looking for a vehicle. I will not purchase another vehicle or even walk into a dealer without contacting you first. You are a huge asset to all of us consumers who have been burned buying vehicles and yesterday's purchases proved that it doesn't have to be that way. We will definitely recommend your services to anybody looking to purchase a vehicle because you are without a doubt well worth it.

We can't thank you enough for everything....You were truly a pleasure

Erin, Chad and Justin

By the way...I canceled my GAP this morning and refinanced my car at a 2.74 rate through my credit union, saving us even more! Wouldn't have done that without you!