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My name is Dana L. Southern, I have lived in the Phoenix area since 1984 and I have four beautiful children ranging in age from 7 to 23. I met my business partner Gary in 1988 when he moved here from New York, and we have been friends ever since. Prior to getting into the auto industry I served in the USAF as a General Accounting Specialist, and then waited tables until I began in 1985 as a Car Sales Representative for a local car dealer, later being promoted to New Car Sales Manager in May of 1988 and over the years left that Dealer Group. I started as the New Car Director in January of 1995, and by January of 1999 the General Manager for a large local and In 2001 I was approved by the owner and became a Managing Partner, also recognized by the Factory as the Dealer Manager. I held that position for nearly a decade, and during my tenure our dealership was awarded the Honda President’s Award 6 times. After a hostile takeover, I was transferred to be the GM of another dealership in the group. I learned quickly What they were doing and not doing many things that they should be and visa-versa! My supervisor did not seem to care, so I resigned!

I went to two other Dealer groups to be the GM of one of their dealerships, and found even worse behavior. Resigned again, and was even teased by the owners son for being a Consumer Advocate. This is when I realized I could no longer work for a dealer!! But that I could use all my years of experience along with my passion for people to help create with my friend Gary “YOUR CAR INSIDERS".

My name is Gary Green, and my story with cars began when I was a child. My dad used to take me to the local hobby shop on Long Island and buy me three matchbox cars for $1.00, and my wife would tell you that my interest has steadily grown into an obsession ever since.  I’ve always had a love for automobiles, and when I moved to Phoenix in 1988 I quickly landed my first job with a local car dealership in New Car Sales - which, by the way, is where I met and became friends with Dana. Since then I have held multiple positions at dealerships in the Phoenix metro area including Salesman, Finance Manager, Fleet and Internet Manager and New Car Department Director. This has afforded me the experience of knowing the ins and outs of every facet of a car deal. Since I started in this business in Phoenix nearly 23 years ago I have formed long-term relationships with many Sales Managers and General Managers throughout the Valley. These relationships allow me the ability to find the vehicle you're looking for at the right price, and cut right to the chase in negotiating your car deal. I left the dealership world seven years ago but have never stopped buying and selling cars in one capacity or another. Your Car Insiders was developed in part from my experiences in the years since, as even after leaving the retail business I continued to be contacted by people that were my customers back then asking if I could please help them buy a new car. They tell me they were impressed by the way they were treated with fairness and respect, and say they need my experience to guide them and be with them through the entire process so they can be assured they are treated well and can buy a car with confidence. This I can do!

We sincerely care about people and want to use our decades of experience and knowledge to help you make the best decision for you and your family. Let us be Your Car Insiders!
Dana L. Southern and Gary Green


Dana Southern                                     Gary Green
Managing Partner                                Managing Partner
602-679-8324                                        602-525-1370
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